Saturday, May 7, 2011

Goodbye California

Tomorrow I leave California and head for Wyoming. What a difference, huh?

San Elijo, California

I have done this many many times before. Somehow, it never gets easier. I always find it a little stressful packing (even though I have a system and I can do it in a very short amount of time!) It still hurts my heart to say goodbye to my Mom and my Brother. There's also that anxiety that comes with the unknown.
However, it's still exciting!

South Coast Winery
 Temecula, CA

I'm getting older now and it's starting to feel like soon, nothing will be the same. I've never been a fan of California...maybe I won't be coming back? This could very well be the last night I sleep in this room and wake up to share a coffee pot with my Mom. There's got to be a time where this stops. I know I can't always come back to this same little bedroom and hang out unemployed before jumping off to another adventure. Maybe this really is the time.
But who knows?

Huntington Beach, CA

So, this time feels a little different and I keep catching myself saying goodbye to California. You know, taking an extra look at the scenery, driving down memory lane and thinking, "this will be my last time down this road." Blah Blah Blah, that whole thing.
Like I said, I'm not Cali's biggest fan so I find joy in this. But, I will miss my childhood here and the friendships and...the known.

Hollywood, CA

However little I may like it, this State has been pretty good to me. It provided me with a wonderful childhood, it was the backdrop for many of my "firsts", and this is home. I find it amusing to think of the millions of people in the world who would give their left arm to live in California. Yes, California has beautiful weather, lots of days are spent at the beach, the most delicious Mexican food, celebrities, the best produce, fine wine, and flip-flops. But it's also home to many brown mountains, horrible traffic, immigration problems, some really questionable soccer moms, and earth quakes. Among other unfavorable things.  I won't miss it, but I will miss what happened here.

Some girlfriends and I...with Afroman

I suppose I'm really growing up. And I don't like it.

Here's what I'll miss most....
Mom, Me, little Brother
Los Angeles Angels game
Easter 2011
Anaheim, CA

Goodbye California!...
Hello Wyoming!

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  1. It's always hard to say goodbye to home, friends and family and start everything from a new page. But I am sure you will find good friends in Wyoming and a place you will call home :) Good luck!