Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Here he is!
The new member of the family...BIGGIE :)
He's a lab/mix... aka the cutest mutt I've ever seen!

My little brother has been dying for a dog ever since my parents divorce. I live in a 3 bedroom condo with him and my Mom. We didn't think a pup was possible because we don't have a yard. We have been here for a year now and we decided to rent for another year. I'm home a lot and my Mom only works 3 days a week so, what the heck! As long as we are comfortable here, we can make sure a dog has a good life here too.
My Brother wanted to rescue a dog (so did I after I found what they do to them) so we started searching as soon as we made the decision. I took to Craigslist because I knew there were also families on there that could no longer afford their dogs and they would end up in a shelter anyway. I found Biggie a few days later and picked him up while my Brother was still in school. When he walked in the door, a furry friend was standing in his way. He was so exited! I haven't seen him that happy in a really long time. It was the best feeling! And having Biggie in our house brings lots of joy!


  1. What an awesome surprise! Enjoy puppyhood while it lasts. We just got a puppy a month ago, and she takes a lot of work, but the small success are so rewarding. What a cool sister your brother has.

  2. he is a typical puppy too. He likes to chew on everything he can get his little mouth around! Not to mention, the potty training is a real battle. But you are right, the small successes far outweigh the troubles!