Friday, March 25, 2011

One of my layers is a healthy one...

First of all, let me tell you an important fact. I AM 22 YEARS OLD. If you don't catch my drift already, I'll continue. I am at that stinkin' age where a female is in the middle of finding herself. This time in our life seems to last the longest, as far as I know. I've been (I don't think I'm alone in this) lost since the ago of oh, say 17 or 18. I may have started young, but I was in a very grown up relationship and I've always been ahead of my time.
Since then, I've been searching and searching. For what? Don't know! It's just what we women do, especially women with a mind as imaginative as mine. I guess you can say I've gone through a few phases and I have always taken the time to explore each one. It may be ugly sometimes, but I know that when I'm on the other side of this fence I'll be better for it.
I am beginning to see a pattern. Maybe this is the part where things get good. I am starting to understand what I like and where I might be headed. I still don't know what I want though, so don't get too exited. After much speculation, curious day dreams, tribulations in foreign places and so on, I have figured out that I am a "balance" person. I need balance in my life.
Peace of mind has always been a top priority. When something bad happens, I always have to even it out with something that makes me feel good. When something irritates me, I always smooth it out with whatever has a "calming" affect on me at the time. I am the happiest when aspects of my life are split up in equal (well, some things rank higher than others) parts.
I'll get to the point now.
As far as my health and wellness habits go, this is where I need the most balance. Especially when it comes to my diet. I am very health conscious these days, due to a few years of ill health. Once I saw that healthy eating cured me of many problems, I was hooked. It also did wonders for my body and metabolism. However, I have always needed food for my soul. I have to find a place in my belly for food that makes me feel good. That might be a creature of my sentimental side, not sure.
So, I have been forced to find the gray area in between the health world and the tasty world. Good thing I paid a pretty penny to learn how to cook properly and a variety of different foods, or else I might be screwed. You will see this balance clearly as I post more recipes. Some days I eat all healthy, some days I eat all tasty and some days it's a mixture of both. I just might be the secret to a long, healthy and happy life. Never know.

I attached a link to Mahler's Wholesale Bakery. They make a high protein and low carb bread, called California Lifestyle. It's mostly made up of soy and flax. It holds 10g of protein and just 6g of carbohydrates in each piece! It's my favorite product to recommend to carb-loving health nuts who want to cut it out. I have been buying it for over 1 year now and I swear by it. I know it's good for me, it's a perfect replacement for processed bread, it keeps me "regular" and I can do everything with it! My best advice would be to try it in your french toast recipe. Since the bread is not as dense as white-flour based breads, it acts like a super sponge. It will soak up the batter and makes for an incredibly rich dish. Always use Peanut Butter instead of butter, because I say so. Of course, top it off with pure maple syrup with a very high percentage of maple or sugar free syrup. It just might be a carb-counter's dream!

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