Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kiss Me...I'm Irish!

When people ask where I'm from or what I am, I usually reply "American".
I was born and raised in America, as were my Parents and Grandparents. I'm a very prideful American to boot. I love the USA and everything it stands for. However, part of Lady Liberty's beauty is diversity and the American dream. We all know that everyone here comes from somewhere out there.
So I am American, but I am also a mixture of other things.
There's some Native American in me, maybe some German and I know for sure that there's a lot of Irish. Don't ask me about "the luck of the Irish" though, because I sure as hell didn't get any of that.
 In fact, I don't know anything about being Irish. All I know is that they like their meat, their "biscuits", their fresh produce and beer. Sounds good to me.

St. Patrick's Day in Ireland is a national holiday, unlike here. It usually involves family, a feast, maybe a festival and definitely mass. But us Americans, we have our own traditions for this day and I love them just the same. Corned Beef & Cabbage it is! Green beer, green clothes and a lot of pinching. Really, it's just another day to celebrate here in America. We love finding ways to justify a party and I like to cook for the occasion. Cheers! To another day of food, drinking, family and friends!

I bought the corned beef pre-brined from Henry's Market. I liked the brine but it was especially fatty. Instead of boiling the cabbage the traditional way, I roasted it along with the organic onions and carrots. Just a little olive oil, salt and pepper was all it took. I topped it off with my take on another Irish classic, parsley cream sauce. We didn't have cream, so following the theme of this post, I did it the American way. MAYO, a little lemon juice/zest and chopped parsley. Perfect!

Happy St. Paddy's everyone!

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