Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fried Salami and Egg Sandwich

I absolutely love discovering something I've missed out on my whole life. It's exciting and new and sometimes it angers me a bit. I get so thrilled about food finds, it's ridiculous.

So, there's a new-ish restaurant in town. It's been there for a couple months, nobody really knows about it yet and it seems as if they have some regulars. It's called Manhattan Deli. It's located in an old Ruby's Diner, so it still has bright red booths and white walls. The menu is huge. They were going for the old-school New York deli feel that you usually only see in...well, New York. If you have been to NYC or if you have ever watched Food TV, you know what I am talking about. Big huge sandwiches, matzo soup, liverwurst, hot dogs, cheesecake, etc. This place totally nailed it. Right when you sit down, they bring out complimentary pickles that are made in-house. They are awesome. Last few times I have been there, I got the pastrami and pepper-beef combo sandwich. It comes with a side and I fancy their German-style potato salad. They also have old-fashioned mustard on the tables...perfect.

The other day I suggested my Dad take me there for our weekly lunch. He had never been and he loves meat, so we couldn't go wrong. I wanted something different. Scanning the menu for a good 10 minutes, I found the jackpot... #88 (or something) Fried Salami and Egg on Rye. I couldn't believe my eyes! I wondered, is this a thing? Do people know about this? Have I been missing out on a traditional sandwich while in some kind of bubble? I was sold, had to try it. After all, a huge piece of real estate on my heart is occupied by eggs and Bologna. I knew I would love this.

Sure enough, it was to die for! Thick cut, real salami fried with scrambled eggs. As if I couldn't eat that by itself, they put it on fresh rye bread with tomato and lettuce. Their sandwiches are huge, just like the New York ones, so I took off the lettuce. It wasn't looking like it wanted to be eaten anyway. I put a whole buncha their real mustard and devoured it. I loved it so much, I thought about it all day long. Still wondering if this was something other people already know about.

Sure enough, it's a real thing. People have been enjoying it for quite some time and I am the girl in the bubble that missed out until now. I have some catching up to do, I think I'll have another....very, very soon :)

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